The Dynamic Duo Strikes Again (sort-of)


K. J. Garnet is the pseudonym of writing partners, Kelly and Jenni. This is our first blog post. This is also a typical conversation.

J: What are we going to do for our title? How about “the dynamic duo strikes again!” (*waves hand in sweeping flourish*)

K: The Dynamic Duo Writes Again?

J: The Dynamic Duo Writes Again? Strikes?

K: Eh…

J: Maybe it needs to be in a different tense?

K: This entire thing should be our first post into the insight of our writing minds partnership, may god have mercy on their souls. Our poor readers.

J: It would show what it’s like to write as a team…

K: Or what not to do when writing as a team…

J: No one is going to be interested in this, we need to be more entertaining.

K: (*tap dances*)

J: No, I don’t think that’s going to do it. You don’t really know how to tap dance, do you?

K: (mutters) Shut up. Oh wait, was that my outside voice?

J: We share a brain cell, so I hear everything you think anyway. No use hiding it.

K: I feel sorry for you and get better soon.

J: Is it long enough yet, do we have enough content?

K: Yes, it’ll do. We have to get going on plotting book 3.

(after viewing the post) K: We should put in the top of this post a little explanation showing that we’re two writers and what it’s like on any typical day we’re not actually working.

J: (*starts to write at top of post before being stopped by K, who thought she meant a little italicized epigraph-type thing. J continues to add it to the body of the post because this is what it’s like in the real world. And then italicized it.*)