Stages of co-writing (or why we’re past pub deadline)

Sometimes when the plot is not happening, the hunt for new ideas and ANYTHING to make the story work can make co-authors go off the rails. (Those of you who know us: Shhh.)  One of our many conversations recently:

J: I have an idea! Flabberwit, then gooleymoo!

K: Sounds good. What about ebielah?

J: Ebielah, then maybe fenlur.

K: Fenlur? I… ??

J: Fenlur, y’know. F.e.n.l… oh wait. You mean Fienlar?

K: Did I? Maybe. Sounds good. Let’s do it.

J: Oh wait. What about Flabberwit? Or was it flebenwat?

K: Flebenwat? I don’t even know anymore.

J: We forgot gooleymoo.

K: I think we need to rethink some things. Again. Still.

J: Color codes! Blocking! Figurines!

K: Squirrel!

J: What?

K: Who?

J: Skype on Monday.

K: I need more coffee.

J: Definitely.

Disclaimer: Yeah, we could have used Idea #1, Idea #2…but you get the gist. No brain cells were harmed in the making of this post. We wish.


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