Still writing

Things have been a wee bit slow around here.

There was a death in K’s family.

Then there was the crazy election.

And now we’re into the end-of-year shenanigans.

But there are buttertarts!


And the Seattle area had its first snow (which is super unusual as it’s in a convergence zone–snow falls to the north and east and in the mountains, of course, but not in the metro area much). Thankfully, the snowpocalypse that had been predicted fizzled out; we’re still experiencing wintry cold that makes midwesterners shrug, and we’ve got something to talk about other than political insanity and the Seahawks’ terrible game (but yay Sounders! Go sportzball teams).

We are poking away at Val Ferrel #3. Slowly. And we will miss our 2016 pub deadline. But we’ll get the book done and out as soon as possible. Thank you to those who’ve read and liked the first two Val Ferrel books; if possible, a review is always appreciated.

Happy Holidays and hope you enjoy tasty treats, yummy hot beverages, family, and friends.


What she said.


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