Oil and Water? Writers and Social Media

Writers and social media

Authors are not social animals in the first place, except for K. who likes talking to everyone. She’s weird that way.

If we followed every bit of known advice currently available for writers, we should be:

  • maintaining a cool website
  • writing every hour on the hour in our blog
  • having lively and active discourse in our Twitter stream
  • interact with folks on Facebook
  • creating video masterpieces on YouTube
  • running a Pinterest page
  • gathering entertainment-worthy photos for Tumblr
  • meeting shady characters on SnapChat
  • joining at least one or sixty writing forums
  • tagging everything over on Google+ (Hasn’t that ship sailed?)
  • creating a witty newsletter and entreating one and all to join our mailing list
  • creating fun podcasts
  • being interviewed on a podcast
  • looking alert for every radio and TV opportunity out there (why?)



So, we’re curious: What do you expect from a writer you like to read? Should the answer be, “A good book” and leave it at that? Or do you search for your author online?


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