Top 3 Tips for Writing Productivity

There is so much writerly advice out there on what writers “should do” that we jokingly started riffing on advice versus reality. Here we go….

1. Find a comfy spot to write. It helps the words flow.

Couch is full

This doesn’t just happen to writers, it happens to readers as well. Also, those pillows are evil.

2. Hydrate. You can’t write well when you’re thirsty.

Tonight we hydrate!

(Of course this is completely real and happens to all writers who have a cloak and a sword. Or a mouse and a blanket. Whatever.)

3. Use what you need.

George S. Clason

This is the real point of this entire post. At some point, all this advice will make you feel like you’re a swelling Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It will eventually settle into something that makes sense and without turning you purple.

Bonus tip from the parental half of our team:

Don’t run with scissors. You’re welcome.

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