Oracle Characters: Philippe Toussaint

(Our name, K. J. Garnet, is the pseudonym of writing partners, Kelly and Jenni.)

Philippe is the French-Canadian head of security for the psychic bureau known as the Agency. People fooled by his lax demeanor learn the hard way; he’s damn good at what he does and isn’t afraid of overstepping bureaucratic controls. If you want to shock your granny with filthy French-Canadian swearwords or study how to deal with gunfire and/or assassination attempts, Philippe’s your man. If you’re a woman, bring your armor or your flirting A-game for all that formidable, careless charm. Just don’t expect you’ll be the one to catch him.

We had our inspiration for Philippe early on, Swedish actor and author, Jonas Karlsson, (along with 10/90 probability he’d be flattered vs. us enrolling in the Federal Witness Protection Program):

Philippe Toussaint

So, let’s ask Philippe some questions. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

You and Daniel Norris, the head of the Agency’s West Coast division, frequently butt heads. How do you consistently break rules but never get fired?

Philippe: “You know, he’s been my boss and friend for a long time, but sometimes, that man is a stick in the ground–“

You mean, stick in the mud?

Philippe: (foot starts to bounce) “Yes, exactement.  Plans, blah, blah, rules, blah blah. There are always Agency situations that can’t be solved by emails.”

You seem nervous with all that bouncing. Maybe you have somewhere you need to be? And you still haven’t answered the question.

Philippe: (stills for a second, then both heels bounce. He grins.) “Not everyone likes a man who plays for the rules, eh, cherie?”

The Agency was established to protect and regulate psychics. As a non-psychic, how do you handle illegal activity?

Philippe: (winking) “Trade secrets.”

You’re not going to tell me any details, are you?

Philippe: (his grin widens) “My work isn’t so interesting. I know of this lovely cafe in Berkeley, very private, very casual. We can have some wine, maybe talk about other things not so serious…”

Yeah, that went well. Thanks?

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