The glamorous writing life

Forget the first-class air travel, the endless meeting with fans and readers, and the best-seller lists. That only happens with 3 writers and in the movies. As we prepare for the launch of our second book, Oracle in Trouble, we thought you might like to see what really happens.

  • Software Challenges: Every once in awhile, our writing program (Scrivener) doesn’t always cross-pollinate well between our Mac and PC. This can sometimes lead to a few interesting turf wars. We do eventually figure out the technical challenges and amend them, but we’re still at the mercy of computer programs. It’s better than playing tennis with a Word document. Honest.

Mac vs. PC

  • Battle of the words: For the most part, writing together is pretty easy. However, we don’t always see eye-to-eye, especially when arguing discussing  no arguing was right  animatedly discussing word choices, sentence structure, and plot outlines. As other writers will agree, there’s no drama involved. None.


  •  Creativity x 2: Somehow we manage to write enough, spurred on by each other to get the work done, with only a few breaks in between. Having a cheerleader lobbing a handful of good ideas over the fence keeps us on our toes.

Writer's block

Any day with words is a good day. Some days are better than others. The best days are when we’re both on the same track and the words are flowing. Finding a support system can be the difference between Dreaming It and Doing It.

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